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Campania Region

Provinces of Campania Region
General Information
ZoneSouthern Italy
Number of Municipalities550
Number of Provinces5
Campania Photo
From Castle (Maschio) Angioino to St. Andrew Patron's Cathedral in Amalfi, from Oplontis - Poppea's Villa to Herculaneum excavations
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Population Namecampani
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Coat of Arms
Istat Code15
ISO 3166-2IT-72
Etymology (name origin)
There are several suppositions about the name's origins. One theory suggests that the toponym originated during Magna Graecia rule and derives from the Greek kampč which means curve. The name might be related to the several gulfs characterizing the coasts. There is another supposition suggesting the name might derive from the Latin campus, arable field. In fact, in the Roman Period, due to the fertility of its plains, the region was called Campania Felix, pleasant Campania. Another explanation suggests the name is related with kappani/kap-vano as the inhabitants of Capuae, an italic town and one of the oldest settlements of the region, were called.
Campania is bordered by Lazio to the northwest, Molise to the north, Apulia to the northeast, Basilicata to the southeast, and Tyrrhenian Sea to the west. It is the second-most-populous region of Italy and is the most densely populated region in the country. Region's topography may be split into three areas: the hill lands, covering half the territory. The Apennines that cover the 34.6%. The rest of the territory is constituted by alluvial zones, including plains and coast lands. The highest peak is the Mount Miletto in the Matese massif. The longest rivers are Calore, Sele, Volturno, Garigliano and Tanagro. Volcanic activities are concentrated especially in the Neapolitan province. In the Gulf of Naples is the Campania Archipelago that includes the Pontine Islands, even if they are administrated by the Lazio Government.
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